My Story

Hi, I’m Valentina!

I’m a believer in big things happening with the right mindset and attitude! A few years ago after an intense operation that left me feeling depressed, I decided I wanted MORE in life. Have you ever had that feeling? Of knowing you can achieve more? And that you’re meant for something bigger?

That’s when my journey really began…

An opportunity!

I came across Network Marketing in 2017 and instantly knew that’s what I was made for! Having my own business was always a dream of mine and this opportunity would make that possible! But what happened next wasn’t my dream at all! I got discouraged easily by not getting results quickly and felt fear and embarrassment of posting all over my social media. Being an introvert, I’ve always been reserved and this was way too far out of my comfort zone! I quit within the first 2 weeks.

Since then, network marketing was always in the back of my mind, trying to figure out a way that I could do the business without using social media but still have a professional online presence. There just had to be a way to do it and I was going to keep looking until I found it! I researched other network marketers that may be doing this and came across a few. I studied their strategies and foundations and quickly realised I had found a way to work this business the way I wanted.

life is short - take the risk!!

Back in 2016, I was diagnosed with a spinal tumour! This was a scary time in my life and I remember feeling scared of the unknown. I had an operation and recovered really well but it led me to think about life in a different way. Looking back at your life right now, would you say you’d be ok with everything you’ve done and passing away tomorrow? (I know it’s horrible to think but just want to make a point!)

In 2019, the tumour came back and I had to have a second operation and more radiotherapy which resulted in hair loss and more side effects. I think this was the universes’ way of reminding me that I NEED to play bigger! 

I’ve played so small all my life and at 30 I can honestly say that I’ve had enough of doing that. You may have never been through anything serious but who’s to say something won’t happen tomorrow?! I just want to inspire you to go after your dreams, because you absolutely can achieve them if you WANT to! 

my network marketing journey today

I joined another network marketing business in 2020 that I was more passionate about selling the products for. This year (2021), I’ve decided to take my journey and showcase it to you!

I really want to give you the full picture regarding this profession and have you come on this journey with me whilst I try to figure it all out! I’ll be implementing everything that I’ve learned and show you in real-time just how my business is growing and what I do daily. I’ll be showing you the good, the bad, and the ugly!

If you feel like coming along, I’d love for you to join me in my private group for FREE!