Hi, I’m Valentina, 

I help struggling network marketers by sharing my journey and everyday failures!

Because learning from someone else’s mistakes means you can avoid making them yourself and build a successful business much faster!

When I stumbled across Network Marketing a few years ago,

I wished I could see what all other network marketers were doing ‘behind the scenes’! All the people who joined my first company seemed to be doing so well so quickly but everything they shared just didn’t work for me!

So I quit! But as I’ve studied some strategies and failed multiple times these past few years, I’ve decided to start again and implement what I’ve learned!

I’ve started a group sharing the ‘behind the scenes’ of MY journey! I will be starting from scratch, earning £0!

So if you’re a network marketer, someone who’s thinking about becoming one, or just someone who is interested in seeing how an average girl is building a small business, come along for the ride and join me/watch me on my journey! 

I hope to connect with you soon 🙂

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